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Peanut origin certification

JLA S.A is a company that provides services in the food industry with a broad experience in the market. Our interest is focused on providing an integral service from production to commercialization.

The modern laboratories and the staff of highly qualified professionals contribute to the competitiveness of the quality of our services in national and international markets. Our work premises are based on integrity, discretion, quality of work and the personalized and excellent service we offer our clients.
We cover a wide variety of controls: microbiological quality, nutrition, mycotoxins, pesticide residues, among others. Our personalized attention has allowed us to consolidate bonds of trust with our clients.
The equipment is already incorporated to the chromatography lab, adding now 7 chromatographs with MS/MS detection.
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Since march, the new operational unit of JLA have been working actively to attend the productive sector.
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Study Tracker is an app developed by JLA, aiming to allow clients to take a closer look to their pesticide registration studies. This app is an innovative communication tool that enhances the JLA-client relationship and improves their experience a little more.
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